kensington solstice

Photo by Jill Burrow on
in city summers we bathed in
asphalt fumes and yellow street light hues
dirtied skinny knees in the damp 
earth by pennypack creek and 
picked ticks like flowers from our hair

in thick, tar-fused junes 
we purpled shins on bike pedals 
glossed our lips with grape icees 
smoked candy cigarettes while our
mothers gossiped on concrete doorsteps 

the season marked itself
in block party concerts, overcooked
hotdogs, parents drinking beer from
glass bottles while we ran barefoot 
drinking from tapped fire hydrants 

and when the dust of summer
settled in the junked up alleys 
behind our streets we iced our
bruises and watched the sun
drink in the last of our long days 

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