for jack

Photo by Matheus Viana on
he can count to infinity and 
doesn’t follow the rules,
this perfectly mad boy of mine.

his thin legs are black 
and blue testaments to 
jumping from heights far too 
great for any six-year-old. 

he is ferociously, terrifyingly fearless. 
inquisitive to the point of exhaustion.
he’d pick an argument with the moon
for following him home – and win. 

he loves deeply
is feral-angry 
cries rivers

curls into himself,
small and fragile as a bird. 

he sings in tune every time,
remembers the lyrics to every
song he's heard just once -

climbs to the Everest point
of every playground and 
bellows mama, look! from the very top. 

often when he sleeps
I place a hand on his back 
and follow his breath, the 
only time I catch him still

and I cry

with admiration for his wild soul
with fearfulness of his wild ways 
with pride that I am his mother. 

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